Key to the Cellar
Triple minor longways

JennyBeer 2004

  • A1 1st couple cast; gate down through the 3rd couple.
  • A2 Lines of three forward and back; 1st couple gate up through the 2nd couple.
  • B1 Heys across the dance, 1st woman up with 2nd couple, 1st man down with 3rd couple.
  • B2 1st couple gypsy. All turn two hands (the 1st couple “melts” into theturn).

Tune: “Key to the Cellar” is the name of this 3/2 version of a very old tune. It is known as “Cam ye frae France”, but it also goes by many other cognates and names.

Jenny Beer writes, "Written for “Perdue’s”, our 3rd Friday dance, to celebrate the final evening in our church hall in Media, PA. The dance had been held in the town for 50 some years. The new dance lived up to its title in unexpected ways. Ironically, we were locked out of the church hall (they had just replaced the old windows that we knew how to pry up when necessary…).! Our dance friends the Nealleys let us repair to their basement (cellar) dance room instead, and the dance debuted there. We are happily dancing at another nearby town now."

Tempo note: The A part wants to be fast enough that the 1s don’t have to hang back; the B part wants to be slow enough to gypsy all the way around without being frantic. That usually means a halfnote = between 102 and 108.