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Folk Dance Musician, Fiddle Player, Composer, Workshop Leader, Band Consultant, Educationalist and Publisher.
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Biographical Information:

Fiddler Player

Dave started playing Folk Music in the 1960s while in Primary School. His class teacher, John Burgess, was a Morris Dancer and Musician and inspired all his children to dance, sing and to play. Dave was a member of the school's Morris Dance team, Maypole team and Country Dance team. A great introduction to English folklore. While at College (1972-75) Dave sang folk songs and began to develop an interest in fiddle music.

In 1975 Dave met John & Elvyn Blomfield and founded Wild Thyme. Over the next 19 years, Wild Thyme became one of Britain's best known English Country Dance Bands recording many collections of dance music.


In the late 1980s, Dave founded Cotswold Music and in the 1990s this became DLBMUSIC. Dave's publications are now available a Kindle Books through Amazon.

Dave has now retired from playing folk music (Except for an occasional appearance at Folk Festivals in England for old time's sake.)

Dave and his wife, Patience now run a small, yet delightful and peaceful property in central France with self-catering gite accommodation. Click on the picture to find out more.

Dave Brown's Recordings

  • 1983 Wild Thyme Plays Fallibroome (SDL 339)
  • 1985 Beau's Retreat (WT004)
  • 1986 Captain's Ceilidh (EFDSS BR7)
  • 1987 Hunter's Moon (WT011)
  • 1988 Packington's Pound (WT012)
  • 1988 Dances with Difference Vol. 2 (CML006) (Dances by Colin Hume)
  • 1990 Maggot Pie (Double Cassette of dances from the Maggot Pie Collection)
  • 1991 Come Let's be Merry - Tom Cook (CML017)
  • 1991 Music from 2 Barns - Ken Sheffield (CML 018)
  • 1992 Another Thyme, Another Place. (CML020) (Songs and Music)
  • 1993 Dutch Crossing (NVS-3CD) Dutch Folk Dance Society
  • 1997 Gingerbread and Moonshine (DB001CD)
  • 2000 Halsway Millennium Players (DB002CD)
  • 2002 Outside of the Square (DB003CD)
  • 2006 Connections (DB004CD)
  • 2007 SKYLARK (DB005CD)
  • 2009 Reflections (DB009CD)
  • 2010 Skylark - Spreading Our Wings (DB008CD)
  • 2010 Halsway Millennium Players - Ten Years on (DB010CD)
  • 2012 BELLA MAMMA - Children's Songs ( DB011CD )