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This catalogue contains all of the tunes I have written in the English and American social dance style. They are free to download. If you use any of these tunes please make a donation as it helps to buy Violin strings and manuscript paper. Please ensure that my name stays attached to each melody. Otherwise - enjoy! Thank you.

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Updated: 10th May 2017

CODE DATE TITLE STYLE Bars Download and Extra Information
242 2017 The Brexit Jig Jig32 Download:Well somebody had to to do it! This is just for fun and not a serious composition. It is topical and reflects my opinion and thoughts about the Brexit decision.
241 2017 Good Morning March32 Download: This is a simple flowing tune in the English style which I feel is a good candidate for a new English Dance.MIDI version
240 2017 "I Don't Know Band" Rag Rag32 Download: Having moved to France and I am pleased to turn out with the "I Don't Know Band" as a guest musician. They have kindly allowed me to paly some instrumental numbers, so this was a new offering for them.
239 2016 Flames in the Fire Jig32 Download: The second of two experimental tunes for fiddle. This jig also needs a strong driving rhythm with persussive backing. Again, harmonic backing is probably not necessary. Here is an experimental recording.
238 2016 Autumn March March32 Download: The first of two experimental tunes for fiddle. This march needs a strong driving rhythm with persussive backing. Harmonic backing is probably not necessary.
237 2016 Aya's Celebration Jig32 Download: Written for our lovely new GrandDaughter, Aya's Christening in August 2016. Click here to listen to my recording. (4 x 32 bars)
236 2016 O'Shaughnessey's Reel Reel32 Download: Written for our good friend Martin O'Shaughnessy on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Listen to me play the reel. It is recorded 5x32 bars and the 4th time is a solo section for "spoons" which Martin played at his birthday party!
235 2016 Bugles in the Basket Hornpipe32 Download: A good swingy hornpipe (almost) style tune. Bugles are a French snack to accompany early evening apperos/drinks.
234 2015 Mélodie pour Enzo Waltz32 Download: Written for our newest neighbour, Enzo who was born in November 2015. A simple A music, but enjoy the twists and turns of the B music.
233 2015 Swashbuckler's Waltz Waltz32 Download: Written for Mike and Gill Swash on the occasion of their final weekend as organisers of the Symonds Yat House Party and to celebrate the many happy and creative dance weekends they have organised over the years. Click here to listen to the tune played 4 times through.
232 2015 Dave Brown's Compliments to SIANSA Jig32 Download: I had the pleasure of playing with and meeting the Irish band SIANSA in July this year. This Jig is my thank you to them for letting me join the band, albeit temporarily.
231 2015 Mr Haydn's Holiday Jig Jig32 Download: I took part in the Haydn Festival in La Roche Posay in September 2015. It was, apparently, Joseph Haydn's holiday. We played Beethoven?
230 2015 The Little Pressigny Waltz Waltz32 Download: Having moved to France in 2015 this Waltz is named after our nearest village, Le Petit Pressigny.
229 2015 Arthur's Lullaby Waltz32 Download: This Waltz was written to celebrate the birth of my Grandson Arthur - 21/2/2015. Click here to listen to the tune.
228 2015 Mouton Rouge Waltz32 Download: This waltz was written to celebrate the Chinese year of the Sheep/Goat.
227 2014 Dream Bug Reel Reel32 Download: This reel was written to accompany a great new tune we discovered. It had to be driving and slightly bluesy.
226 2014 My Birthday Waltz Waltz32 Download: In March 2014 I was 60 years old. I wrote this tune to celebrate my birthday.
225 2014 My Birthday Jig Jig32 Download: I wrote this tune shortly before my 60th birthday in March 2014
224 2013 The Last Tune of the Year Jig32 Download: As it says - this was the last tune I wrote in 2013.
223 2013 The Sweet Tooth Reel Reel32 Download:
222 2013 The Pudding Waltz Waltz32 Download:
221 2013 Yesterday's Dinner Jig32 Download:
220 2013 Advent Bells Polka Reel32 Download:
219 2012 A Trip to Hobro Reel32 Download: To celebrate my son Ben's move to Hobro in Northern Denmark.
218 2012 Four Marks March March32 Download: For the Four Marks Band in Hampshire, England.
217 2010 Painting in the Kitchen Reel32 Download: That's just what I was doing around the time this tune was created.
216 2012 What Might Have Been? Waltz32 Download: A haunting tune for those whose dreams may not have been what they wished.
215 2013 Danish Delight Waltz32 Download: for my Granddaughter Zoe born in August 2013. This tune can be played in the style of a Scandinavian Hambo.
214 2013 Faraway Zoe Reel32 Download:for my Granddaughter Zoe born in Denmark. August 2013
213 2013 Queen Elizabeth's Contra Jig32 Download: A slightly experimental tune. Looking for a chance to play this!
212 2013 Pink Pigtails Jig48 Download: Written for Maureen Knight for her XXth birthday and a dance written by John Meechan. Download Dance
211 2013 Painted Tails Jig48 Download: English style 48 bar Jig.
210 2013 Century Jig Jig32 Download: This tune was written in 2013. The year in which my fiddle was 100 Years Old!
209 2011 The English Reel Reel32 Awaiting Download Link
208 2012 ABC Reel32 Download:Written for Alan Corkett (Whose initials were A.B.C.). He was a great accordionist and a good friend.
207 2012 The Librarian Jig32 Download: Elaine Meechan (who plays keyboards in Skylark) retired from being a school Librarian. This is her tune.
206 2012 Casterton Girls Reel32 Download:Written whilst playing at the Casterton dance weekend which is based in the renound Casterton Girls School.
205 2011 Flat Joe's Jig Jig32 Download:Whilst Joe White was working away from home his family kept him close at heart by taking a life-sized cardboard cut out of Joe where-ever they went.
204 2011 Annecy Waltz Waltz32 Download: Written whilst taking our summer holiday in Annecy, France.
203 2012 Fare-well-come-home March32 Download: My son Ben and his partner Line moved to Denmark in 2012 and this tune said Farewell and Welcome at the same time.
202 2011 Century Reel Reel32 Download: My fiddle was due to be 100 years old in the near future. here is a celebration reel.
201 2011 Luka's jig Jig32 Download: Luka is the name of one of my daughter's many, many cuddly toys!
200 2011 Jig in A Jig32 Download: It's a Jig and it's in A Major. Nothing more.
199 2011 Avallon Jig32 Download: A simple Jig written in France in 2011. Avallon is a small village in central France.
198 2011 Ugine Jig32 Download: Another simple Jig, also written in France in 2011. Ugine is a small town near Annecy.
197 2011 Ni Wa Wa Polka Polka32 Awaiting Download Link: Ni Wa Wa is a Chinese children's song about a Mud Doll". This simple tune grew from that song.
196 2012 What's That Tune? Jig32 Download: As I improvised this idea someone asked me, "What's that tune?"
195 2011 The Old Post Office reunion Ragtime32 Download: I met some old friends in a lovely Bistro in Wales which was once an old Post Office.
194 2007 Theo-Odessy Reel32 Awaiting Download Link: Written for Theo Dunphy who is the son of Kathryn (of Skylark) and James Dunphy..
193 2011 Dave Brown's Compliments to Levi Broadbridge Reel32 Download: This tune was written for Levi Broadbridge born to Aidan and Annette Broadridge. A 32 bar reel suitable for Contra Dance, but with a mixed Scots/American flavour as appropriate for Levi's parents. Simone Verheyen wrote a great and flowing 4 couple becket formation dance called LEVITATION to be accompanied by this tune. Click here to listen to an MP3 of this tune.
192 2009 Accolade for Alan Reel32 Download: The dance, written by John Meechan, is available here.
191 2009 Remembering Alan Jig32 Download: The dance, written by John Meechan, is available here.
190 2009 Un-named Road Jig32 Download:
189 2008 MinJig Jig32 Download: For my daughter MinXian.
188 2010 Mud Doll Jig32 Download:
187 2010 Misty Dawn Jig32 Download:
186 2010 Ham Sandwiches Jig32 Awaiting Download link
185 2010 Taking Tea with Deborah Reel32 Download:
184 2009 Shelter from the Storm Reel32 Awaiting Download Link
183 2008 MINistry of Fun. Reel32 Awaiting download link
182 2009 There's a Bear Coming! Reel32 Awaiting download link
181 2009 Fixin' Up the Barbecue Reel32 Awaiting Download link
180 2010 American Quizine Reel32 Awaiting download link
179 2010 A New Tune 32 Awaiting download link
178 2010 Duplicity Jig32 Download: A commission from Mark Elvins was readily accepted and this fairly modern sounding Jig evolved.
177 The Lotus Blossom Waltz32 Awaiting download link
176 2008 Smudge the Dog 32 Download:: A tune written on my mandolin and named after my daughter's small fluffy dog - Smudge. I was delighted that the tune was recorded by the Halsway Manor Millennium Players on their CD "10 years on".
175 2008 Shanghai Calypso 32 Awaiting download link
174 2008 China Joy Jig32 Download:
173 2008 Using the Spoon Reel32 Download:
172 2007 The Yarn Market Jig32 Download: I played for some dance weekends at the Yarn Market Hotel in Dunster.
171 2008 Min is Here! Reel32 Download: A great reel which expresses the joy we felt when our daughter arrived.
170 2008 Waiting for Amy-Nedd Reel32 Download:
169 2008 Waiting for Min Xian Reel32 Download:
168 2007 Tree Crash Reel Reel32 Download: Sadly, Colin Hume had a car accident on his way to call a dance. (He was OK!) During the dance I wrote this tune and Trevor Monson wrote a dance. We performed it that evening.
167 2007 Les Petites Cigognes Waltz32 Download: - Les Petites Cigognes is a delighful place to visit in the Southern Loire, France.
166 2007 Massive in the Massif March32 Download: Written in the central Massif, France, during our summer vacation.
165 2007 Mont Dore Reel32 Download:
164 2007 The Polychromatic Gentleman Jig32 Download: This tune was written for Chris Turner;s XXth birthday. John Meechan wrote a dance - download. I mis-read the name of the dance Polychromic Gentleman (referring to Chris' penchant for colourful clothes) and titled my tune the Polychromatic Gentleman - more musical in meaning.
163 2007 Chris Turner's Other Jig Jig32 Awaiting download link
162 2007 Lark in Blue Jig 9/832 Download:
161 2007 Sky Slip Jig 9/832 Download:
160 2006 Sky Lark Blues Jig32 Awaiting download link
159 2005 Let it all hang out! Jig32 Download:Not sure where this title came from, but the tune is not neat or restrained in any way!
158 2006 Do you Wanna Dance With Me? Reel32 Download: I know I wrote this reel, but I think it's great. A driving and exciting reel which is great for contra dances.
157 2007 White Horse Waltz Waltz32 Download: Where I live in Wiltshire there are many White Horses carved into the hillside. Some have been here since the Viking invasions in the 9th Century.
156 2006 Miss Claire Moir Waltz32 Download: Written for Claire Eden (Moir) - Wellington - New Zealand.
155 2006 G&C Reel32 Download: Couldn't go to Gerard and Claire's wedding in New Zealand, so I sent them some music instead.
154 2006 Mr and Mrs. Eden Strathspey32 Download: Couldn't go to Gerard and Claire's wedding in New Zealand, so I sent them some music instead.
153 2005 The Barking of the Shins Jig32 Download:
152 2005 Blue car Jig Jig32 Download: Well, my car was blue!
151 2005 Home again Reel32 Download: The first tune written on returning to England in 2005. The empty kitchen acoustics were a pleasure to experience.
150 2005 Leaping Lewis Reel32 Download: Lewis is my Great Nephew.
149 2004 Rumble in the Jungle Jig32 Download: Which jungle, I cannot remember, but it certainly rumbled.
148 2004 Swakopmund Lass Reel32 Download: While staying in Swakopmund, Namibia we enjoyed an eveing singing and playing music with a young woman called Nelise.
147 2004 Kuala Tahan Reel32 Download: Kuala Tehan is a beautiful jungle area in eastern Malaysia where we spent a pleasant few days.
146 2004 Jig on the Scaffold Jig32 Download:
145 2004 Turtle Bay Waltz32 Download: Turtle Bay is a tranquil Bay on an island called Perhentian Bazar in the South China sea. An excellent dicing venue.
143 2003 Rachael's March March32 Download: Written for my neice Rachael Collard. A confident little tune!
142 2003 David's Dilemma Reel32 Download: Written for my nephew Davd Collard. It's an appropriately lively tune.
141 2003 Charlotte Waltz32 Download: A very simple waltz tune written, by request, for Barry McNamara's grandaughter Charlotte. Click here to listen to a Midi version of this tune.
140 2002 Felcity Waltz32 Download Melody: There is also a version of this download with a dance by Colin Hume. Click here for FELICITY + dance Instructions. and here for an MP3 file 4 x 32 bars.. This tune has also been recorded by Bare Necessities on their CD Invitation to Waltz - Vol 14 of their country dance series.
139 2001 Junior Waltz32 Download: Written to celebrate the birth of Christopher Day.
138 2001 Tom Tiddler Jig32 Download:
137 1996 Reel Blanc Reel32 Download:
136 1996 Reel Rouge Reel32 Download:
135 1996 Harvard Heights Reel32 Download:Written in a district of Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.
134 1996 Release Reel32 Awaiting Download Link
133 1996 Patience Waltz32 Download: Written for my wife - Patience. Recently Sharon Green wrote a dance for this tune. Download the Dance
Download MP3 file of Dave playing "Home on the Hill and Patience".
132 1996 Home on the Hill Waltz32 Download:Written to remember the time I lived in Woollas Hall in Eckington, Worcestershire. A lovely Jacobean Manor House set on the slopes of Bredon Hill. Download MP3 file of Dave playing "Home on the Hill and Patience".
131 1995 Lack of Patience Jig32 Awaiting Download Link
130 1995 Columbine Waltz32 Download:
128 1995 Miss Rosie Bird Jig32 Download:Written for my niece Rosie Bird.
127 1994 Dandelion Whine Jig32 Download:
126 1994 Jig for Bob Jig32 Download: Bob England was an Australian teaching colleague with whom I shared many skiing holidays before he sadly passed away in 1994.
125 1994 Protherough's Jig Jig32 Download: Dave Protherough was a Gloucestershire Rugby player and a good supporter of the school in which I taught.
124 32 Awaiting Download Link
123 32 Awaiting Download Link
122 1994 15 Dollar Coke Reel32 Download:
121 1994 Heatherington's Hornpipe Hornpipe32 Download:
104 1986 Red Tail Rag Hornpipe32 Download:
100 1985 Doodles Reel32 Download:
099 1983 Mark in Thyme March32 Download: Written for my son Mark. at the time I played in a band called Wild Thyme.
097 1984 The Old 97 Reel32 Download: Written just for fun and with that old song in mind - The Wreck of the Old 97. I guess the train would have been travelling along happily prior to the wreck happening! That's the bit my tune reflects.
096 1983 Meg O' Lymm Jig32 Download: Written for my niece Megan who lives in Lymm, Cheshire.
095 1983 Free Wheeling March32 Download:
093 1983 Ashton Hill Reel32 Download: This was written to remember Bredon Hill which is situated near to Ashton-Under-Hill, Evesham in Worcestershire.
088 1984 Celtic War Chant Jig32 Download: This is an experimental piece with changeing time signatures.
087 1984 Celtic Rose Waltz32 Download:
083 1985 The Bugle Boy Hornpipe32 Download:
080 1985 The Arborist Reel32 Download:
079 1982 Mad Meg Reel32 Download:
076 1982 Church Flowers Hornpipe32 Download:
073 1981 Beckford Bridge Reel32 Download: I used to live next to a small bridge in the village of Beckford in Gloucestershire.
069 1981 Trafalgar Square Reel32 Download: Written to Accompany a dance in the EFDSS Publication Captain's Ceilidh.
067 1981 Southsea Crumble March32 Download: Written to Accompany a dance in the EFDSS Publication Captain's Ceilidh.
059 1981 Saucy Sailor Jig32 Download: Written to Accompany a dance in the EFDSS Publication Captain's Ceilidh.
058 1981 Peter's Galleon Jig64 Download: Written to Accompany a dance in the EFDSS Publication Captain's Ceilidh.
055 1981 Wickham Jambouree Reel32 Download:
054 1981 Cotton Reel Reel32 Download:
041 1981 Capstan Fiddler Jig32 Download: Written to accompany a dance in the EFDSS Publication Captain's Ceilidh.
026 1981 Fiddler's Fancy Reel32 Download:
024 1981 West Pinnacle Hornpipe32 Download: West Pinnacle is a small hill near to Berea in Kentucky - USA.
022 1981 A Stroll in Summer Town Reel32 Download: A driving American style reel. Great Fun. Try this arrangement or listen to the MIDI version.
021 1981 Robin's Round Reel32 Download: Named after Robin Butler.
020 1981 Cross and Chain Reel32 Download:
019 1981 Telephone Jig Jig32 Download:
018 1981 Barber's Reel Reel32 Download: Written with the name Barber in mind. I have no idea who Barber was!
017 1980 England's Glory Jig48 Download: Written for England's Glory Ladies Morris Dance team.
016 1980 Garland Dance Jig48 Download: Written for a new dance during a period of time when I was a musician for the England's Glory Ladies Morris Dance team.
015 1980 Solo Jig Jig32 Download: Written for a new dance during a period of time when I was a musician for the England's Glory Ladies Morris Dance team.
014 1980 McAndew's Tonic Ragtime32 Download: Written for Ian McAndrew. Accordionist from Gloucestershire, England.
013 1980 Belles and Bows Jig48 Download: Written for a dance by Jean Butler called "Belles and Beaus" First published in "Dance With-in Tent".
012 1980 Ragtime Ragtime32 Download:
011 1979 Grandad's Glory March32 Download: Written at the Capel Curig Army Camp at Easter 1979 for a dance by John Blomfield.
010 1979 Capel Curig March32 Download: Written at the Capel Curig Army Camp at Easter 1979.
009 1979 Trigger's Tipple Reel32 Download: Named after a gentleman - Mr. Tipple, who used to provide Bars at local dances. I thought "Tipple" was a good name for a bartender!
008 1979 Tyler's Reel Reel32 Download: I have no idea where the name Tyler came from. If you remember, please let me know.
007 1978 Ryeworth Lane Jig32 Download: Written to remember Ryeworth Lane near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
006 pre1982 Knockvologan March32 Download: While on holiday in Scotland we travelled East on the Isle of Mull from Iona. There is a small village on the coast called Knockvologan where this tune was written.
005 pre1982 Rannoch Moor Jig Jig32 Download: Written while on holiday in Scotland. We stayed for a while on Rannoch Moor. This tune was also the basis of a song.
004 pre1982 Henry's Hornpipe Hornpipe32 Download: Written for a dnace by Bob Barrett. The tune was named after his dog Henry. This was published in the Folk Camp book "Dance With-in Tent".
003 pre1982 Bach at the Beginning Jig32 Download: I wrote this tune and was pleased with the opening phrase only to discover that Johann Sebastian Bach got there before me. My tune is a simple Jig and his a Brandenburg Concerto (Say no more!).
002 pre1982 Sarah's Jig Jig32 Download: Written for Sarah garlick and recorded by Wild Thyme on their Captain's Ceilidh record published by the EFDSS BR7.
001 pre1982 Wild Thyme Reel32 Download: I named it after my band WILD THYME. The tune was recorded by Wild Thyme on their Captain's Ceilidh record published by the EFDSS BR7.