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Folk Dance Musician, Fiddle Player, Composer, Workshop Leader, Educationalist and Publisher.
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"The bright new sound of Skylark starts the week with their crisp, new arrangements, performed with excellence and great enthusiasm." (Sidmouth Festival programme August 2006)

Dave Brown (Fiddle and Mandolin), Elaine Meechan (Keyboards), Kathryn Dunphy (Flute and Sax).

- "incredible energy, superb musicianship and incredible dancebility." John Meechan. Click on the band's name above to visit their main website.


Dave Brown plays Fiddle, Julia Day on Keyboards and Shane Day on Accordion. ConTradition are equally at home with their inspired approach to Playford through to an exciting, driving Contra style.

Described by Mike & Gill Swash as “…one the best bands there is,” and by a leading American caller as “…providing superb music …being the key to the success of the evening … representing the highest level of achievement and showing a professional attitude ….oh! … And you guys are lots of fun to be with as well!!”

ConTradition enjoy playing at festivals, such as Eastbourne, Sidmouth, Chippenham, Broadstairs and residential dance weekends such as those run by Mike and Gill Swash in Symonds Yat. They will also play for anyone – including Colin Hume! (Smile!)


Wild Thyme

In 1975 Dave met John & Elvyn Blomfield and Bob Barrett. They started a Folk Dance Band and played at Barn Dances and other social dance events. After a while Bob moved away to Derbyshire and Tina Brown (then Dave's wife) took over playing bass and Elvyn moved from Guitar to Keyboards and piano and the Wuild Thyme sound was born. Over the years, Julia (John's daughter) and Shane Day (Julia's husband) joined the band.

Over the next 25 years, Wild Thyme played in nearly every major Festival in England, and toured in the USA and Sweden. The band recorded many Records, Tapes and CDs of English Dance Music. For more information about Wild Thyme check out Colin Hume's article entitled "The Wild Thyme Legacy" which can be found on his website.