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Music for Country dance

Associated Publications:

"So You Want to be a Caller.."

"So You Want to Play for Traditional Dances.."


(A contemporary collection of 25 seasonal songs for children.)

This excellent CD is full of songs which are enjoyed, and frequently requested, by children and young people. Beautifully sung by Chrissie Weltike and Esther Lincoln this CD is a great gift for any family.

Listen to a sample track by clicking on the CD image.

CLICK HERE to visit our Sing-a-long page and join in with the songs.
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Price=£10 (+p&p)

The Tooth Fairy
and the Shepherd Boy

Tooth Fairy and the Shepherd Boy Book Cover A musical for 8-11 year olds by Dave Brown and Patience Scott-Brown (copyright dlbmusic Jan 2008) and published in March 2008. (ISBN 0-9558348-0-6)


This is a simple and light-hearted story set in a rural and timeless place. The story is of a young shepherd boy who, after a terrific storm, wakes up to discover a girl sleeping under a nearby tree. She is a Tooth Fairy who does not initially reveal her true identity, but does reveal that she has lost her bag. The Tooth Fairy and the Shepherd Boy travel together and get to know each other while looking after the flock of sheep. They are “stalked” by three Wolves who are on the look-out for a tasty meal. They are ineffectual as Wolves and never actually catch any sheep. However, they get to sing a great song – “Rock around the Flock” – and have many interactions with the audience.

Meanwhile, in the village, Mr & Mrs. Shoemaker and their children, Sergeant Smith and The Old Lady find a colourful bag and set about trying to discover who might own such an interesting item. They hatch a plot to stake out a tree in the village and eventually meet up with the Tooth Fairy and The Shepherd Boy. Click here to listen to the famous "Looth Tooth Song".

In the final scenes many secrets are revealed and the Wolves come to an unexpected end after they are caught during the final song.

Fun for all the family with a range of parts to involve a larger group of young performers.

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Musical Scripts

In all our Musicals the main musical script book contains a cast list, a script, the piano score for the songs including the lyrics and guitar chords, production notes (these are updated from time to time as we receive feedback from customers), and a short synopsis of the musical play.

Our school musicals have everything you need to help you and your pupils produce a stunning and successful show. They are designed and written to allow you to introduce elements of the National Curriculum to schools - history, health, science and music.

We also have classroom musical arrangements and solo music for Violin and Piano. For those who teach Country Dance, why not try our Folk Dance page. All musicals will require a Performance Licence so please Click here for a performing licence application. Our current licence fee is £10 per performance.

Compact Disc (CD)

One of the most daunting things for non-specialist teachers is the prospect of “playing” the music for these productions. To alleviate this fear we have included on the CD a full vocal version of each song as well as a version of the accompaniment without singing. Each CD is a multi-media CD, so there are copies of the script in WORD and PDF formats. Where appropriate we have included any suitable artwork or logos for you to use in publicity materials.

Children's Books

THE GLIMPS AND THE CASE OF THE DREAM BUGS: This fantastic new adventure introduces the Glimps for the first time. They are secretive creatures who live in a parallel world to our own. They help us secretly and support humans through all sorts of adventures. A great read for 7 - 11 year olds - particularly good for relucant readers. Only available on Kindle.Click on the Kindle sign to download to your Kindle device.

NIGHT OWL is an exciting children's adventure story about 2 boys who travel to the Smoky Mountains in America and become entwined in a fascinating historical story about Native American tribes. Click on the Kindle sign to download to your Kindle device.

TEN BLAZING SUNS is a story about the traditional Chinese Moon Festival. It has been written to raise funds for the UK Charity Hope4China which supports children in Chinese orphanages and also supports the provision of education for Chinese girls.
All proceeds from this book go to the charity.

E-Book Price £4.00

Teaching Children Country Dance

This is a great book to help teachers and youth leaders to provide excellent Country Dance opportunities for their pupils and stdents. Written by Pete Hendy, one of Britain's leading country dance teachers, the text explains the dance moves, explores the music and describes ways of of teaching the dances in user friendly language.

The book contains the dance instructions for over 20 Country Dances which have been graded to give the inexperienced caller an idea of which dance would be suitable for which event.
Click on the Kindle Logo to download a copy of this book to your kindle.

See many more Electronic Books

Accompanying CD

The Downfielder's Band has recorded a whole range of music suitable to accompany the dances in this book. Click on the button below to order your copy.

Memories in Waltz Time.....
Newly composed Waltzes composed by Dave Brown. Increase your band's repertoire with these intriguing new tunes. A must for band leaders and musicians interested in Folk Dance music.

Shades of Brown...
40+ new and lively folk dance tunes composed by Dave Brown. Increase your band's repertoire with the Jigs, Reels, Marches and Hornpipes in this book. A must for band leaders and musicians interested in Folk Dance music.

About Us:

DLBMUSIC and DLBeducation have been running for over 30 years. They are run by Dave Brown who has worked as a teacher and music educator in the South and West of England since 1975. He is currently a Primary School Headteacher and he has produced School Musicals through out his career. Click here for Dave's personal website.

Contact us at info@DLBeducation.co.uk

Electronic Books
Two traditional Mummers Plays from England suitable for schools, youth groups, and/or Mummers Teams. This book contains costume designs, musical arrangements and links to further reading.

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Music For 2

Suitable for Violins, Flutes and Clarinets.

This new book of Dave Brown's melodies arranged for Solo instrument and Piano. The book comes with an accompanying CD where each piece can be accompanied in 1 of 2 different ways.
1. A slow learning track and 2. A faster performance track.

The collection includes Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and Marches. All of which have been tried and tested at various dances, ceilidhs and music workshops. If you are learning to play an instrument then this would be a great way to learn to play. The backing tracks simply make you move along with the music and help you to create a real performance feeling.
ISMN M 9002117-2-9 and ISBN 978 0-9558348-1-3
Price: £12.00 (including backing tracks and data CD.)


This new collection of arrangements, completed at the end of 2010, contains 24 melodies arranged in 3 parts for Folk Music ensembles. 12 melodies from published collections of the 16/17th centuries and 12 are from modern composers: Colin Hume, Jonathan Jensen, Terry Willetts, George Middleton, Brian Jenkins and Dave Brown himself. Excellent ready made arrangements for bands and workshop leaders.

E-Book price £2.00
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To view the first few pages of this publication CLICK HERE
For more instrumental music visit Dave Brown's Personal Website at http://www.dlbmusic.org.uk

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